Tick, Tock, Time’s Up, 2016 is Over.

100 swims each at a different place was always going to be a hard target to reach and so it turned out.  The final tally is 82, though Lover’s Leap was never blogged as it was a terrible day when I went there in June and the planned revisit simply never happened.  The total number of swims must easily exceed 200 but 82 different locations is still an achievement in my book and they have been placed on a Google Map.

Seaton is my fall back position today as Sidmouth was unappealing when I passed by earlier.  It is approaching low tide and the sea has withdrawn from the high ridge of fine orange-brown it banked up overnight.  The pebbles crunch underfoot.

There is not a lot of swell in the sea but even so the waves curl in sharply as they hit the beach and slide foam over the foreshore and where they break there is a steep step down into the chilly water.  I push off and 10 feet out from the beach I am well out of my depth.

I’m not going far out today.  The water is not that clear, the sun is banked behind drifting cloud, it is not a day for a long swim, but even so I’m soon 50m out, just pottering.

The swell near the beach pushes me in to the surf line and I drop my feet to the pebbles, waist deep,waiting on the next wave which gives me a bunk up the step and into water that is barely ankle deep.

That’s it, I have left the water for the last time in 2016.

Wild Swimming

Wild Swimming


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