Hats On

I’m stopped at the traffic lights and I am freezing.  I have that finger of warm down my spine, the one that follows after getting proper swimming cold, the finger of warmth returning to cold skin, it is not at all pleasant.  What’s more the forefinger and middle finger of my hand have gone numb.  Well again not exactly, I can’t feel with my fingers but I can certainly feel my fingers.  And again, it is not at all pleasant.

I’ve not had that numb finger feeling for …. I can’t recall.  Thing was I was only in the water 5 minutes at most, splash and dash if you will, it’s complicated.  Yesterday I was in 20 minutes, same swimming kit and my toes barely felt chilled.

This feeling is just plain unpleasant.  The lights change and I fluff the gear change.  I can’t feel the gear stick.

It was only a splash and dash but we were on a mission and the cold and greyness was no deterrent to the 10 of us who lined up at Torre Abbey Steps for a photo of hat clad swimmers supporting Brain Cancer Research on ‘Wear a Hat’ Day.  Then into the bumpy sea.



I admit it is not my favourite location and as Alan points out I have in the past called it the worst place imaginable for swimming.  The steps run all along the back of the beach, there are 5 or 6 depending on how much sand has been washed in and then the sand stretches out 100m with the slightest of inclines.  The top step is wider, tucked under a high wall and beyond that the road, parking places, the park and through the summer an almost permanent funfair.  It is at one and the same time the most convenient of places to swim but also rather exposed.

Unless of course you catch it off season.  This is certainly off season, the wind is cutting and the short waves slop and splash on the steps before bouncing back.  If only the sun was shining this would be top swimming.

Fairly quickly we’ve all had enough, it is simply that it is not great social swimming weather, but there is the promise of better weather to come.


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