The most recent winter storm is passing over.  We have had the storm front and now there is the clear and still of the eye with blue sunshine overhead.  But the sea is still quite bumpy.

From the high headland overlooking Ivy Cove it is quite clear that is not an option today.  The waves are fetching from the south-west straight onto the rocks and the sea is covered in white foam, it looks picturesque from up here but I have been down there before when it is like this and if you are down there it just looks scary.  The little bay in the lee of the headland is calmer but impossible to get to other than by swimming, so that leaves me the next little bay.

I get changed on a level platform of rock.  Below me the sea surges through a channel but it is not too rough; though I would not be doing this but for the fact that I have swum here many times before.  The sea swings up and down in the bay but the headland is taking all of the battering and white veils of water are being thrown over the rocks.  I lurch onto the tiny beach.  The cliffs are deep cut with caves and there is almost a tunnel connecting the 2 halves of the beach with a waterfall in the corner.  And there wedged firmly is a bright red lobster pot buoy, which with a few tugs on the tatter of rope still attached, pops free.  That’s mine now, think of it as litter collecting.

This is all rather good fun and the tide has risen a little and I know I can now get through to the other bay.  A channel passes between the cliff and several fingers of seaward pointing rocks and at high tide you can swim the whole length.  Today however it is a little more tricky as I need to time it so the surging waves lift me through the narrow, shallow bits.

At the inner pinch point there is a wait for a wave.  Is it true that every 7th wave is bigger?  This looks pretty big and it’s too late now, I’m shot through the gap into an enclosed deep pool.  Beyond that it is out in the sunshine where the sea is churning and every wave sends a deluge over the rocks, spinning me up, down and around and around.


Now then, how about getting back?



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